Riverside County Office of Education
Level II – Center for Teacher Innovation

The Riverside County Office of Education is now offering a Level II Content Program.

California has a two-tier credential structure for both General Education and Education Specialists. Previously, Education Specialists earned a Level I and then a Level II credential under the old education specialist program standards. Now both California General Education and Education Specialists credentials are granted as a Preliminary and a Clear based on new program standards.


The last date to enroll in a Level II program was December 31, 2014 and the last date to complete a Level II program was January 31, 2019. However, there are still Education Specialist Level I holders who need to earn a Clear (previously known as a Level II). CTI now has a CTC approved program for Level I holders to move to a Clear credential.


The CTC still requires an individual who holds the Level I Education Specialist complete the content required by the 1997 Level II Education Specialist program. 


As an education specialist preliminary program sponsor, CTI will verify that a candidate has completed all of the advanced content that existed in the former Level II Education Specialist programs and provide advisement for any additional requirements listed on the candidate’s credential.


To Earn a Clear Education Specialist Credential, holders of the California Level I credentials will need to complete:
(1) content that was previously included in the Commission approved Level II Education Specialist programs offered in California
(2) computer education
(3) health education
(4) an Individualized Induction Plan via enrollment in a Commission approved Teacher Induction Program.

For more information, please contact:

Kristina McCormick

Riverside County Office of Education

(951) 826-6652