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With our focus on educators, you’ll create meaningful relationships while increasing student achievement.  Bring your expertise and change the lives of future generations of students.

Reflective Coaches

Reflective Coaches provide induction candidates with a rich, powerful, mentoring experience that builds upon their knowledge and skills, increases their self-efficacy, and provides the support clear credential candidates need to flourish. Each Reflective Coach brings a wealth of educational expertise to our program. Their professional learning and depth of knowledge work together to create a personalized induction experience based upon the unique teaching context of their candidates.

Instructional facilitators

Instructional Facilitators for the Intern Program support Education Specialist intern teachers as they teach full time and earn a preliminary teaching credential.  


The Center for Teacher Innovation is recruiting Education Specialist Practicum Supervisors for our Intern Program, a district intern program in partnership with Tulare County Office of Education. The Practicum Supervisor is a faculty member assigned to support, observe, and evaluate the intern’s performance during the eight months (minimum) of the internship year in accordance with the California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTP’s) and Teaching Performance Expectations (TPE’s).

ace Coach

Would you like to make a difference in working with our teacher coaches! The goal of this academy is to support coaches in the development and cultivation of effective coaching skills and practices.