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CTI - Center for Teacher Innovation

We are agents of ethical practice fostering growth-focused relationships and reflection.
We strive to customize an individualized approach responsive to diverse needs.

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Retain Highly Effective Educators

Recruit, Support, Prepare, Strengthen, Elevate
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Teacher Induction

The Center for Teacher Innovation (CTI) offers both new and experienced teachers opportunities to advance their careers and grow professionally. We combine a suite of programs with one-to-one coaching from an experienced teaching mentor.

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Online Induction

CTI offers a fully-online, job-embedded professional teacher induction program that helps employed teachers clear a California Preliminary General Education or Education Specialist teacher credential.

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Credential Services

Our credential services is a CTC-accredited induction program sponsor authorized to submit clear credential recommendations to CTC on behalf of our candidates who complete the general education and/or special education induction program.

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Professional Development

CTI offers high-quality professional learning opportunities that improve teaching skills, with a focus on cultivating the educational environments students need to meet their college or career goals and enter a global workforce as successful contributors to society.

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