Riverside County Office of Education
Our Mission and Vision Mission – Center for Teacher Innovation

Our Mission

The Center for Teacher Innovation dramatically transforms teacher professional learning through an expanded array of 21st century, Common Core-aligned services and offerings. Our customized coaching and experiential approaches lead teachers to employ high-quality learning practices and generate desired achievement outcomes for students, their parents, and the community.

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What we do

Transforming the teacher’s professional growth journey from pre-service through the entire Learning to Teach continuum. This includes empowering coaches to effectively mentor and support new teachers.

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Why We do it

To provide a flexible, supportive, individualized comprehensive educator preparation experience to assist in the development and growth of effective instructional practices that support students in graduating from high school well-prepared for college and the workforce.

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how do we do it

We are growth agents behaving ethically as we foster growth-focused relationships and reflection. We strive to customize an individualized approach responsive to diverse needs.

Our vision

The Center for Teacher Innovation will be a premier destination for the next generation educators by promoting excellence in teacher development and ongoing professional learning cultivated within a thriving environment of inclusiveness, community

partnerships, and extraordinary service.